Follow Luigi attending the succesful TV show of Channel 5 "The Great Model Railway Challenge". Luigi and his team "The Shunter Guys" attempted to win the heat 5 of the show to access the grand final. You can watch the entire episode 5 with the title "Waterworld" on YouTube: Watch now! Episode 5 was originally... Continue reading →
We went to Japan and now we are back! It's been not only a holiday, but also a business trip to meet suppliers, customers and many more modellers from the Rising Sun Nation. We attend 19th JAM Convention, the important exhibition that takes place in Tokyo from 17th to 19th of August where we got... Continue reading →
We decided to start a real tour through Europe (and not only) to keep in touch with all our customers and followers! Nowadays social media and the Internet are important channels to share information and ideas but there is nothing better than meeting live in some of the many rail shows that are held in... Continue reading →
Summer sale by JellyModels Don't miss this summer discount: only on the 15th and the 16th of August 2017, on all the models in JellyModels website, 20% off on any purchase! It's our way to celebrate Italian Ferragosto holiday: treat yourself with a JellyModels model train! Go to the shop now click here So, don't be... Continue reading →

15 years ago (the 23rd of February 2001) the adventure of the Russian space station MIR came to an end. That was the end of the adventure of the first long time human settlement in the outer space that had operated for 15 years then. It was the 29th of February 1986 when Russia (at…

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