New kits by JellyModels – freelance draisine kit

After collecting so much interest about some samples that we presented at the recent Novegro and Colonia fairs, we have decided to put into production a new range of JellyModels kits starting from the freelance draisine kit.

Freelance Draisine Kit

Freelance draisine

The first of these kits is already on sale in our online shop: it is the small freelance draisine kit that you may have already seen running as a prototype on Tiny Tracks during some occasions.

The kit is designed for the real modeler who likes to create and customize his own scale models. But that’s not all! In the package you will find much more: links to digital content regarding the kit and a fantastic paper die to create your “2D printed” prototype of the draisine!

The assembled and finished version of the little draisine will be soon available and equipped with HM-01 Hakotetsu drive by Tomytec.

Meanwhile, just take a tour of the kit construction in our blog!

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