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stampa 3d di modelli ferroviari

On JellyModel website you will find finished models and assembly kits as result of our research and development in modelling field. In addition you can find details for the design and print services of your models and how to contact us.

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A project, a new idea of modelling.

More time and resources for the research and development of always new models: this is the result of  the use of new technologies related to digital fabrication, such as 3D modeling, 3D printing and the internet,

Fantasy and passion are the only limits.
Follow us, we will take you where no modeler has ever been before!

Meet the team


Luigi Nicotera



Mario Nicotera



Our models

We create faithful reproductions of real vehicles and freelance models. Quality and originality at a reasonable price is what distinguishes our model manufacturing experience.

Custom built

Share your idea!
If you have specific needs for customization of the models, such as liveries, finishes scale or gauge, or if you would rather create a brand new model just for you, create a special part of a self build model, a detail of a diorama, or if you just have an idea that is swirling around your head, contact us!

Creative laboratory

Are you interested in the application of 3D printing technology to the production of models? Visit our Creative Lab on Shapeways where we experiment, we design and we put at your disposal always new model trains and accessories.